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Miseducation: The Failed System of Philippine Education
The EDCOM 2 Year One Report

This report summarizes the initiatives and preliminary findings of EDCOM II in its first year. Ultimately, as the Commission continues its work in the next 2 years, it aims to grasp the scale of these problems, meet them at their very root, and propose policies that could solve them once and for all.

Policy Briefs

Opportunities to Address: Undernutrition in the Early Years
with IDInsight
January 2024

Proper nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life is crucial for optimal growth and development and has a profound and lifelong impact on one’s ability to fully function in society. Malnutrition continues to hound the overall development of young children in the Philippines, despite various nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions being implemented in the country. To enhance these efforts and reduce malnutrition, policy recommendations include strengthening the implementation of these interventions, refining targeting and monitoring mechanisms, and exploring resourcing and funding options