The EDCOM 2 Year One Report


“If there is one takeaway that we wish the reader might acquire from this report, it is that all of us must work, and must work together. Stakeholders, from the top level of policy-making to the frontlines in our communities, must begin to think of themselves as part of a larger whole. Only then can we create true synergy; only then can we execute a true strategy, build a true system; only then can we shed our disconnects and embark on a collaborative journey that will allow the Filipino to fulfill their truest potential.

– Miseducation: The Failed System of Education, EDCOM 2 Year One Report

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What is EDCOM 2?

The Second Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM 2) is a national commission tasked to undertake a comprehensive national assessment and evaluation of the performance of the Philippine education sector. 

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